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Keke's Dreamland will be a platformer inspired by many games as Kirby's Dreamland, Super Mario World, Wario land and Pacman World.

It's universe is inspired by the artist Kekeflipnote.

The dev team :

How to play ? (Here is no tutorial)

You can use Keyboard or an Xbox gamepad.

Move with ZQSD, arrows or left stick. You can configure input controls before playing.

  • Boing can jump (Space or button A)
  • Boing can attack with its peck (E or button B)
  • Boing can bounce to make your enemies dance (R or button X)

You can also :

  • Toggle the HUD (A or button Y)
  • Pause/resume game (P / Escape or button Start)
  • Quit game (Escape / alt + F4 or button in main or pause menu).

Keke Dreamland is developed on the Unity3D engine. It will be supported on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Install instructions

Windows instructions :

Unzip the downloaded file. Make sure that the folder Data and the UnityPlayer.dll is  in the same folder then run the file KekeDreamLand.exe. 


KekeDreamLand_V1-0-0.zip 17 MB

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